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Aquatech inside RAS facility

Our Journey

Aquatech's know-how, experience, and skills were formed after a nine years journey of planning, development, construction, and operation of a fully functioning and generating revenues company.

Solar roof on RAS facility in the Negev

2012 - 2016

Planning and building first Aquatech's RAS facility

2016 - 2018

Growing gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata)

Fish tank in RAS
Barramundi in RAS fish tank


Moving to Barramundi (Lates calcarifer).
The first introduction of barramundi fingerlings in the facility and growing Barramundi fish


First commercial-sized fish introduced to the market in parallel with a branding campaign.
Distribution deals signed with all major national distributors.

RAS-grown Barramundi
Gutted scaleless barramundi


100% growth of fish growing and sales (despite COVID-19). 
Initial sales in HoReCa market started.


A continued increase in fish production and sales.
Adding an advanced sorting, packing, and processing facility. 

Scaleless barramundi fillet

2021- 2022

Building strong company infrastructure for expansion plans realization. Identify new opportunities in Israel and new markets for Barramundi in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US to supply locally-grown sustainable fresh fish.


Plan and start construction of new fisheries based on the company’s unique knowledge, hands-on experience, and technological capabilities in establishing and operating land-based RAS fisheries.

Inside RAS facility
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