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Solar roof on the RAS facility

Aquatech Fisheries' flagship project is an industrial fish farm with an annual production rate of 2,000 tons of Barramundi. The Aquatech facility produces fish that are distributed fresh across the country. The Negev farm was built as a multi-stage and modular project that will be upgraded to produce additional products as well as additional fish of various species.

Situated on a land plot of 35  Dunam (3.5 ha) in the southern part of Israel, the Aquatech Negev fishery is an advanced RAS farm, spearheaded by a local team of experts from all disciplines of fish farming, and using cutting-edge technology to grow 2,000 tons of Barramundi annually.

The Negev fishery technology is a unique land-based RAS technology offering the world’s most advanced, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly fish farming solution.

Located right in the heart of the desert, Aquatech uses local geothermal water, which enters the system at a temperature of 37°C and is optimal in its composition for barramundi farming. After passing through the technological cycle, a small amount of water is discharged outside of the facility, and using a special irrigation system this water is reused for irrigation of nearby olive groves.

Due to its unique location, the company efficiently uses solar energy to power its operation using a photovoltaic system.


When it comes to its merchandise – fresh fish, Aquatech Negev combines the best of all worlds, providing customers with the highest standards of product, delivered in a timely fashion 365 days a year. Aquatech core value proposition is comprised of five basic, and essential, pillars:


Fish are farmed on the morning they are shipped to the market. The fish that are farmed at 4am reach the supermarket’s shelves by 12pm the same day


Aquatech produce is sold in market prices and is competitive with any local or imported products


Aquatech’s fish are of the highest quality, tasty, free from hormones, contamination and antibiotics


The RAS fish farm is an ecological wonder, leaving an almost zero eco-footprint


Rain or shine, summer or winter, pandemic or no, the Aquatech fishery produces a steady supply of fresh fish

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