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Barramundi fish

Israeli Barramundi - Aquatech's perfect fish

Branded as the “white salmon”, Barramundi is taking over the world. A strong, versatile, and delicious fish, Barramundi is the perfect fish to grow in land-based aquaculture fisheries. In Israel, this Kosher fish has been warmly received and has seen steadily growing demand as it becomes apparent that Aquatech Fisheries can deliver a steady, year-round supply of fresh and beautiful fish.

Barramundi fillet


Aquatech is reshaping the Israeli fish market, driving Barramundi consumption from 200 tons in 2018 to 1,000 tons in 2021. This is done using advanced marketing methodologies that include POS advertising, digital media, and influencer marketing. As Barramundi is becoming a sought-after white fish it is gaining the interest of the institutional market too.

Barramundi fish with lemon


Aquatech is reshaping the Israeli fish market, Barramundi brings value to:
• Consumers – sustainable grown, affordable, delicious, nutrition, and versatile fish (surprisingly without the “fishy” smell)
• Vendors – a constant year-round supply at stable prices, high profit margins, and a supporting 1st of its kind branded marketing campaign to promote sales

Barramundi fillet on the plate


Consumers in Israel eat on average 200,000 tons of fish annually. Most fish (90%) are frozen or imported. Fresh fish consumption is on the rise and basic fish like Tilapia and Carp are replaced with premium alternatives, such as the Barramundi. Israeli Barramundi also competes successfully with imported traditional local marine fish such as sea bream and sea bass

Israeli Barramundi advantages


Eliciting excitement from bored customers


Highly cost-effective to grow


Grow fast and are resilient, great for RAS farming


High in omega-3, potassium and calcium, low saturated fats

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