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Solar roof on RAS facility in the desert

Full solution from growing fish to marketing


Aquatech Fisheries is a pioneer in land-based aquaculture. Aquatech Fisheries established and operates the largest and only successful large-scale industrial in-land fishery in Israel, raising and marketing Barramundi fish across Israel.

The Aquatech team includes top-tier industry and aquaculture specialists, supported by the leading global aquaculture advisors. Aquatech is leading the sustainable food revolution in Israel.


The need for sustainably grown, environmentally-friendly, and governance responsible food is constantly growing. 

However, the ability to increase fish production from the sea has been maximized, and many sea-based and pond-based fish contain unhealthy, and sometimes toxic elements.  

Aquatech has the full experience, know-how, and skills in RAS which is the perfect solution for ecological, pollution-free, fish farming.

Aquatech’s operational and marketing capabilities led its Barramundi fishery in the Negev desert and the Israeli Barramundi brand to extraordinary success.

Aquatech is now planning its expansion strategy to implement its mission of spreading the knowledge, the experience, and the unique skills of land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) worldwide.

Presenting Aquatech Fisheries

Aquatech specializes in the establishment and operation of industrial land-based fish farms. The company is one of the sole companies in the world with the knowledge and experience to initiate and establish fish farms using RAS technology. Aquatech’s fish farms allow the development of healthy fish at low costs and in areas far removed from major water sources.

Land-based RAS Facility
The Three Pillars of Aquatech Fisheries

Aquatech exemplifies and is driven by three aspects of forward thinking.


Aquatech enables the growing of fish in remote locations and in ecologically friendly conditions. It is a double-impact company, improving the lives of people as well as of the environment.

Innovation at Work


Aquatech transforms fish farming from a crude agricultural practice to an industrial precise operation. The company’s processes enable the “manufacturing” of fresh fish 365/7/24.

Aquatech Fisheries facility from dron


Innovation is an integral part of Aquatech’s DNA and is present in how to grows fish (RAS), in the selection of fish species (Barramundi), and in its marketing (developing a distinct fish brand).

Industry facility

The key to success is Experience


There is no substitute for hands-on experience in managing RAS facilities. The technology is new, the learning curve is steep, and only those who have learned the lessons from successes and failures in real-life facilities can successfully be able to plan and develop economically viable land-based fish farms.


Each fish species is unique and requires in-depth knowledge about the exact parameters that affect its growth, its health, and even its taste.


Any small detail can offset the farm’s ability to produce successfully. Management of fish farms requires constant management-level attention to every aspect of the farming process and the ability to provide quick and resolute solutions to the problems that rise.

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